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but not in vein. within days tourist from china claimed the cash and drove to leave this note on their door. thanking them for their honesty. >> it was meant for us. i think it was -- somebody else, money wouldn't be turned in. >> reporter: an act of love for a perfect stranger and a valentine's day unlike any other. >> never forget it. >> no. easy to remember. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he was scheduled to return to china today. he spoke with the couple and invited them to come and visit him anytime and he said he would put them up there and serve as their personal guide in china. >> i was waiting for the reward part. had to be something there. more than a note. >> reporter: they said they weren't expecting a reward. made them feel good. >> good for them. thank you for that. >>> facebook and google teaming up now to help you live longer. >> giving millions of kls to scientists to -- dollars to scientists who are working on diseases. >> i think our society needs more heroes, scientists, researchers, engineers. you are doing the amazing work. the thin
away their sins. china has overtaken the u.s. to become the world's biggest trading nation. china's imports and exports totalled 3.87 trillion dollars last year compared to 3.82 trillion for the u.s. the u.s. economy overall is still more than double the size of chinas. chinese new year's celebrations are ushering in the year of the snake. parades and fireworks marked the holiday. people born in the year of the snake are considered stylish and good with money. in beijing singer celine dion became the first foreigner to start an official new year's festivity. she sang a duet in mandarin chinese, one of china's most popular folk songs. still ahead, would you trade your car for a microcar?pr i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, and it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe
in our views but china. china tried very hard to keep them from doing this. so what will be very interesting in the weeks to come is what does that mean when the chinese say don't do something and they do it. >> reporter: indeed, china's position has always been that it wanted to preserve the status quo on the korean peninsula. we've learned today that china, north korea's closest ally, has now said that it is firmly opposed to north korea's nuclear test. back to you, anne-marie. >> lucy craft in tokyo, thank you. >>> tonight, president obama will call for a worldwide reduction in nuclear weapons when he delivers his first state of the union address of the second term. speaking to congress and the american people, the white house says mr. obama will focus on the economy, outlining plans to create jobs and grow the middle class. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. yeah, we're going to hear it all tonight. this is largely considered a political pep rally to many, but every word is going to be highly dissected. we w
then need a full senate vote. >>> condemnationof thnuclear test by north korea. china summoned north korea's ambassador for objection. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: diplomats arrived at the united nations for a closed-door emergency meeting. they are discussing how to respond to north korea's announcement that it has tested another nuclear bomb. it happenedatunderground lity last night. the type of device has not been confirmed. u.s. officials say there are indications that northa is planning to test another bomb knowing that a punishment from the u.n. is coming. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice condemns the test. >> the actions korea are a threat to regional and national peace and security and they are not acceptable. they will not be tolerated. and they will be met with north korea's increasing isolation. >> reporter: in december, north korea successfully launched a long-range ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. members of the united nations security council are hoping china will be willing to take action against its
three of the nation's biggest newspapers. some of these companies suspect that china is behind all of this and nancy cordes has been investigating. >> twitter called it an extremely sophisticated attack, that may have compromised as many as 250,000 user names passwords and e-mail addresses. a top official at the social networking site posted this message. this attack was not the work of amateurs, he said, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. twitter won't say who is behind the attack, but it is the fourth high profile hacking to surface this week. atto date the washington post revealed it too had been targeted following similar announcements from the wall street journal and "the new york times". all three newspapers say they suspect the attacks originated in china. based on our experience, we would say there is a high degree of activity that originates from there. >> dave merkel is with mandiant the secure company that helped the post and the times identify and shut down the attacks. he says it is nearly impossible for companies to completely eliminate the threat of g
bangs. chinese new year being celebrated in klein china for 5,000 years. the san francisco parade is the largest in the western world compared except for china. we'll see a lot of exciting things tonight. 100 units of floats passing by. the dragon 268 feet long will be dancing, as well. there will be the great big finale as you hear in the background. we'll hear more of that. a big finale of 600,000 firecrackers. as you said, a million folks here in san francisco ton to enjoy it on a great night a clear night. chilly at first but no wind, fog or rain. all those recovered in the past are grateful for that. >> thank you. >>> thousands of people also turned out for the 24th annual chinatown community fair. they enjoyed the taste, sights and sounds of san francisco's chinatown. the fair continues tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. so you still have time to celebrate the year of the snake. you can even get a photo with the dragon from tonight's parade. >>> mc hammer taken to the slammer. the reason a bay area police officer arrested the rapper. >>
in the next generation with nation states slyke china, and it has gotten exponentially worse, even since the presidential debates. it is unbelievable and breathtaking. the second part of that is the attack part that we're so vulnerable for, actually shutting down our financial services or finding other ways to destroy material in companies that won't allow them to function on a day-to-day basis. and that is very, very concerning. we've seen that recently with iran. >> schieffer: jane what-- are we being attacked now? >> yes. keith islamabad the head alexander has said there have been 19 ear 20 substantial cyber attack in addition the last several years, more to come. i think we're much more vulnerable to a catastrophic cyber attack than a catastrophic terrorist attack in the homeland. we have done a better job of decapitating al qaeda. it's not capable i don't think, any more of an attack like 9/11. congress has not act. there have been several bills introduced, including one by my colleague and friend, mike but they haven't moved. and now the white house is mounting an executive order,
boiler. >>> in central china today a truck carrying fireworks exploded. the explosion destroyed parts of an elevated highway. at least five people were killed, eight hospitalized. cars and trucks fell about a hundred feet to the ground. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. >>> and now to the economy. the labor department releases january's employment report this morning. the economy remains sluggish challenged by a steep decline in defense spending and the impact of higher social security taxes. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. yeah, we have an economy that's still struggling despite some positive signs like higher consumer spending, higher business investment. the job market is similar. we expect sluggish growth in today's report. of course, any surprises there could jolt the market. wall street is eagerly awaiting the government's january jobs report. analysts predict the country added jobs last month but not enough to buck the unemployment rate from its current 7.8%. >> it's been a slow
post" reports this morning government intelligence identifies china as a main culprit in online spying directed at companies with ties to military technology, but energy, finance, and other industries have also been hacked over the past five years. senior correspondent john miller is a former fbi assistant director. john, good morning. how widespread? >> this is pretty widespread charlie. when you take an nie, national intelligence estimate this is really the consensus of all 16 intelligence agencies on a problem, so this is going to be a fairly authoritative document that's sounding the alarm that china -- well, picture this. two giant aircraft hangars full of military people who work 24/7 hacking into u.s. government databases, private corporation databases. >> you mean those are chinese hackers doing that. >> yes yes. and they're working for the government. these aren't guys doing it for entertaining. here's the difference. we do that too. all countries do that. the difference -- i think the alarm the report sounds is china does it not just for politica
to a report that china is involved in ongoing plots to hack u.s. industry. the report released today by a u.s. security firm says hundreds of chinese hackers are housed in high-rises in and around shanghai. they allegely steal vast amounts of data from u.s. companies. and it appears that this is all being done with the cooperation of the chinese military. >> the united states and china are among the world's largest cyberactors and it is vital that we continue a sustained meaningful dialogue and work together to develop an understanding of acceptable behavior in cyberspace. >> in a new book google's chairman also calls out china for cyber-attacks. china has denied the allegations and is pointing the finger instead at the united states. >>> looking for a new place to work? still ahead where hundreds of jobs are up for grabs in the bay area and will even help pay your grocery bill. >> if you did not like rain today i'll let you know when sunshine is coming back. if you did like the rainfall today, a couple of showers still in the south bay on high- d
in china looking to monitor coverage of chinese politics. everyday, state-sponsored spies- - the majority from china-- are infiltrating key government and business computer networks inside the united states. u.s. cyber command estimates american companies are losing $250 billion a year in intellectual property. how often are they coming after us? >> it's more than daily. >> reporter: retired general michael hayden, who headed the c.i.a. and the national security agency, says cyber enemies can do much greater harm. >> most of the stuff out there now is espionage, but in a peculiar way if i can get on your network and steal your stuff i already have the ability to break your stuff. >> reporter: hayden and other security analysts warn critical systems could be knocked out in an attack launched by computer. while no u.s. infrastructure has yet been successfully targeted power grids, transportation systems and financial networks are all potentially vulnerable. until he retired last year, sean henry ran the f.b.i.'s cyber unit. is a serious cyber attack against some critical system in the u.s.
. >> families in china host dumpling-mafking parties to celebrate lunar new year's eve. this klassic grandpa las restaurant carries on the centuries-old tradition. >> the significance is you have to make your own and you do it together. >> teach us how to make pork-filled pot stickers and a sugar-filled doe ball in soup. it's harder than it looks. >> there's a hole in it. >> will ma and her volunteers are members of a bert china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolism. >> the shaped like a crescent moon also shaped like a gold and silver ingot indicated prosperity. >> these students came for a taste of chinese culture and dumpling kwi seens. >> i want to bake them at home now. >> the new year 4711 is the year of the snake one of the zodiac animals in the lunar calendar. some say it's good for finances but others say snake years include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1941 and september 11th in 2001. some plan to slither from risk. >> move with caution just like a snake. be very cautious. >> so whenever you think of the year of the snake it doe
to strike back at china following a series of cyber attacks targeting the u.s. government and corporate secrets. officials say the obama administration is considering fines, penalties, and trade restrictions. a virginia-based cyber security firm discovered a secret chinese military unit behind years of u.s. cyber attacks. china has denied any involvement and claims it's been a victim of hacking, too, by the u.s. >>> and apple was the target of a hacking attack at the company's california headquarters. apple says mall ware infected a small number of its mac computers used by employees. the company says the mall ware got on the macs through a website for software developers by exploiting a security flaw in the browser. apple says it was similar to an attack on facebook earlier this week. >>> bp won't pay penalties for all of the more than 200 million gallons of oil that spilled back in 2010. the u.s. government agreed not to fine bp for 34 million gallons the company captured before entering the gulf. fines for all the rest of the oil will be in the billions. >> sony
of course is in china. 5,000 years old. but the second one is here in san francisco where they have been celebrating chinese new year since the gold rush. now, this is the largest chinese new year's parade outside of china. and it's considered one of the top ten parades in the world according to the promoters of this parade. 100 units will file by here tonight before it's over. i have been here for a couple of hours to get off market street on the way to chinatown and when they get there there will be one big finale where they explode the finale of some 600,000 firecrackers. so it's a big night tonight. and this parade will draw about a million people. good night for it, good time ahead, so let's see what it brings. >> thank you, don. don will have more on the parade when it's in full swing at 6:30. >>> well, a new crane is going to pick up where the toppled bay bridge crane left off. what caused the crane to collapse on thursday is still being investigated. it was removing a 129-ton piece of metal when it fell over. that metal piece was part of bridg
linked several high-profile cyber-attacks to china. the report claims the chinese military is behind an ongoing attempt to hack american companies and government offices. >> the united states has substantial and growing concerns about the threats to u.s. economic and national security posed by cyber- intrusions. >> chinese officials deny the allegations and say they have been the victims of u.s. hackers. >>> apple says it's been hacked. malicious software infected a small number of mac computers at apple offices. the attack is similar to the one facebook acknowledged last week. in both cases, the attacks took advantage of flaws in the java plug-in for web browsers. both apple and facebook said the hackers did not access any data. >>> the latest federal budget showdown is heating up as an end of the month deadline looms. now, if a budget agreement isn't reached the government will face spending cuts march 1. president obama issued a stern warning to congress yesterday saying sequestration would result in a lot of lost jobs. lawmakers are currentl
to be a challenge right from the start. an organized campaign against it quickly got ugly. >> go back to china. we love america. >> reporter: the senator got bombarded with threatening phone calls and e-mails. even antileland yee billboards sprung up. ye, told us then as now that he won't be deterred. >> the reality is that there is a ban in the state of california on assault weapons. what we're seeing your story was in fact an effort to go around that particular law. so what our bill does is just simply close that loophole. and that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: on his facebook page tonight the senator wrote thanks everyone for your words of support, my staff and i are hanging in there, we will not be deterred. senator yee will have more to say tomorrow. as for his gun control bill, it has gained momentum in the aftermath of the colorado movie theater shooting and the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> thank you, allen. >> also tonight we are hearing from a couple who came face to face with christopher dorner, the ex-cop who went on that rampag
are preparing food and lots of it. >> reporter: families in china host dumpling making parties to celebrate the new year's eve. they carry on the centuries old tradition. >> you have to make your own. and you do it together. >> reporter: she teaches how to make jiaozi or pot stickers. and it is harder than what it looks. >> there's two holes in it. >> reporter: they are members of the better china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolisms. >> it is shaped like a gold nugget. indicating prosperity. >> they came for a taste of the chinese culture and dumpling cuisine. >> reporter: the new year is the year of the snake. one of the 12 zodiacs in the calendar. some say it is good news for finances, but snakes include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1921 and september 11 in 2001. some plan to slither from that. >> move with caution. just like a snake. they are very cautious. >> reporter: whenever you think of the year of the snake it does start on sunday. happy chinese new year. in san fra
. >>> the year of the snake is upon us and 1 million people are expected to come out to china town's new year parade in san francisco tonight. builders are busy putting the finishing touches on their float this weekend. kicking off at 5:15 tonight running from market to second street to union square and to china town. san francisco is famous for hosting one of the biggest and best chinese celebrations in the world. >>> midwest airports are back in operation after another massive snowstorm. passengers had to deal with major delays as runways were coated with up to six inches of snow. but how did they cope in st. louis? >> reporter: he took matters into his own hands to entertain the stranded passengers. he played for about three hours and a mixture of snow and sleet covered the runway. >>> the cuts are getting closer and the warnings are growing more dire. the big changes that you can see if they failed to strike a deficit reduction deal. >>> plus, another reason to resist those cute puppy eyes. the leftovers that should stay out of your pets bellies. we'll
in the international community even china north korea's staunchest ally voicing opposition. this test took place last night just before 9 p.m. eastern time. the u.s. geological survey said the blast had a magnitude of 4.9. this morning we are learning north korea says these tests were only a first response to so-called u.s. threats. leaders are calling it self- defense and the nation warns of second and third measures if the u.s. maintains hostilities. the test has heightened tension in the region especially in japan and south korea. u.s. ambassador to japan john ruth met with japan's prime minister to reaffirm american support. >> the united states is steadfast in its defense to its allies in the region obviously including japan. >> the president issued a statement this morning calling the test provocative and says it threatens u.s. security and international peace. in a statement he says "the danger posed by north korea's threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the international community. the united states will also continue to
they spent valentine's evening. it turned out a visitor from china had left that bag filled with a tour group's cash. he drove to vallejo to leave a note to thank the couple for returning the money and they are thinking about tacking him up on -- taking him up on his offer to visit him in china. >> good for them to be honest. >>> the funny man with big red hair is heading to washington. >> that would be conan o'brien to headlight the correspondents dinner in april. the event is customarily attended by the president and the first lady along with all the washington media. the late night talk show host tweeted about what you can expect, two minutes of jokes plus 40 minutes on pension reform. well, won't that be fun. o'brien was the headline act for the dinner in 1995 and he was hilarious. >> he is a funny guy. so it will be fun to watch. >> all good. >>> time now 6:54. coming up a final check of your top stories. >> and including the san jose as. the team could be a step closer to leaving oakland. we'll have the latest coming up. mom, i invited justin
's plan so soon. >>> a new report says china's military is responsible for cyber attacks on the united states and other countries. virginia-based security company says it's traced 141 cases of hacking to a single chinese military unit based outside of shanghai. the report calls that unit "one of the most prolific cyber espionage groups." china's foreign ministry says the charges are groundless. >>> the murder charge against olympic track star oscar pistorius has been upgraded this morning and once again the double amputee became emotional in the south african courtroom. prosecutors revealed for the very first time what they claim happened on the night his girlfriend was shot dead. emma hurd is at the courthouse in pretoria and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: charlie, gayle, oscar pistorius told the court he loved his girlfriend and had no intention of killing her. the words came in an affidavit read out by his lawyer in which he describes spending a quiet evening at home with reeva steenkamp before hearing a noise late at night. he felt vulnerable because
, a political advisor in china just lost it right in the middle of an airport security checkpoint. take a look at this. his temper tantrum was caught on tape. he trashed a boarding area after he and his family missed two flights. when he couldn't breakthrough the glass doors, he slammed the sign on the desk. and he has since apologized which he should, right? >> i guess. >> i think we have all wanted to do this but never -- >> we're all very smart. >> exactly. >>> well, you will be able to take a cruise on the titanic in just a few years. an australian billionaire is planning to build a new version of the ship that sank almost 101 years ago after hitting an iceberg in the north atlantic. he said construction will start soon in china. the maiden voyage will be 2016 on the same route as the original titanic. i think this could be very popular. >> i think the guy's a genius because with the movie and all the hoopla surrounding that ship -- >> woo take that trip? >> people are already lining up to pay a million dollars for the upper cabins. he alread
tantrum in the middle of an airport security checkpoint in china. >>> travel is stressful but check out this grown man's temper tantrum in the middle of an airport security checkpoints. this is in china. he is not going to take it anymore! chinese official completely lost it trashed a boarding area after he and his family missed not one but two flights and when he couldn't breakthrough the glass door he slammed the sign on the desk. he since apologized but now is a youtube sensation. >> he was a little angry there. >>> congressional republicans and democrats still are miles away interest a deal to ad volunteer $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. those cuts will take effect less than two days from now unless there is a last-minute agreement. >> we should not have move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing our best here to pass something. the speaker is doing nothing. >> in california, some fiscal experts predict the cuts will cos
there for inspection. most american horse meet ends up oun tables in europe and china. >>> california is one of the few states that bans those exports however, some people say that ban just isn't working. tonight at 11:00 in a kpix 5 exclusive, a look at the slaughter house pipeline and what people are doing to save california horses from ending up as food. >>> hun hundreds of fish died after a broken pipe sent chlorinated water into san mateo leak. that leak was discovered this weekend. it took, though, about eight hours to slow the flow because if crews did it too fast, pressure could have broken other parts of that pipeline. >> and we added new tralizing chemicals toth flow to get rid of the chlorine to make it safer for the a kwatic wildlife down at the stream. >> the pipe is still leaking. officials estimate 75 to a hun gallons a minute. >>> one of the big medical mysteries is why so many more kids these days are being diagnosed with autism. >> kpix 5 dr. kim tells us women may be able to reduce the risk of having an autistic child by taking a certain supplement. >> autism is a disorder where earl
serves china, taiwan, australia. >> we have been spoiled. we have been totally spoiled and now it's time to kind of face reality of the rainy season. >>> i hate to say it, but we need the rain. folks love the sunshine. you've gotten outside, haven't you? now it's time to pay the piper. we are talking about a significant deficit of rainfall in our rainy season. we got a lot in november and december, zero in january. mount diablo hiding behind the clouds. we have had clouds outside but they are thinning out. that is our san jose cam. a beautiful sunset with partly sunny skies. livermore 54. oakland 57. even when we get a front moving through as it moved through today we cannot get any rainfall. that will change this week. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry once again. we are 0 for february us this far. we are going to clear things out tonight. that means another chilly night. get the heater ready in san rafael. 39. 38 concord. redwood city 40. you notice the morning was a lot cloudier than the afternoon. that's because the boundary moved throug
lunar year in china town. >> come down celebrate the chinese new year. cooking, eating, celebrating, food, family. >> reporter: and the traditional red envelope filled with cash. >> gotten your red envelope yet? >> yes, four from friends. >> reporter: groups like this are hoping to usher in good financial fortune with performances at local banks. >> bring good luck and scare away the evil spirits. >> reporter: the color to have day is red. >> when there is red, it gives everything bad from last year put it away everything is a brand new start. >> reporter: start of the year of the snake. to be honest the snake is not the most lovable animal of the zodiac some traditional forecasters are forecasting economic upheaval and strife. september 11th terror attacks fell on the year of the snake and bombing of pearl harbour in 1941 but people we spoke with are not worried. >>> that is in the past. >> you don't have concerns about the snake. >> no, i love snakes we some times eat them too. >> reporter: many people were up for something sweeter at this lo
on dining tables in europe and china. >> california bans those exports. but some activists say that ban isn't working. in a kpix 5 exclusive, we go undercover at local horse auctions to find out where these horses go and how some are dedicating their lives to save them. it's a busy night at the auction. horses are on the block and they are going keep that. 50 to $100 even former racehorses like rhino u bought by a person who runs a shelter for horses. >> he was injured. he has a fractured knee. he was no longer useful to the industry so he was dumped. >> reporter: just months before the 2-year-old thoroughbred was racing at golden gate fields. >> quite typical for someone to spend $100,000 or a horse, race it a few times and if it's not performing just make it disappear. if they are lucky they make it to an actual person who wants to help them and retrain them but most times they go straight on to slaughter. >> reporter: the group horse plus has rescued over 2500 horses in the past decade. many of them racehorses that she finds dumped at auction. be
from places like china. simplifying our tax code will also help the middle-class because it will make it easier for small businesses to hire and grow. and we agree with the president, we should lower our corporate tax rate which is one of the highest in the world so that companies will start bringing their money and their jobs back here from overseas. we can also help grow our economy if we have a legal immigration system that allows us to attract an assimilate the world's best and brightest. we need a responsible permanent solution to the problem of those who are here illegally, but first we must follow through on the broken promises of the past: to secure our borders and enforce our laws. helping the middle-class grow will also require an education system that gives people the skills today's jobs entail and the knowledge that tomorrow's world will require. we need to incentivize local school districts to offer more advanced placement courses and more vocational and career training. and we need to give all parents, especially parents of children with special needs, the opportunity to
of a performance? >> which one is the perfect balance, you want if to be performance and fight. >> china has been fighting to get its national sport in the olympics for more than a decade. and this year the international olympics committee will consider adding wushu to the summer games of 2020. al bender has been the master teacher at a kung fu academy for more than 30 years. he says wushu is like another high-flying olympic sport gymnastics. >> you watch gymnastics. you get that wow factor. am i going to get that when i watch wushu. >> are you absolutely going to get that wow factor. you may get more because there are weapons. and those weapons are moving very very fast. >> reporter: but in order for wushu to be in the olympics wrestling which dates back to the olympic of ancient greece might be out. could it be that wrestles has become borg? the ioc cited a report that showed low tv ratings fewer internet hits and shrinking global coverage. wrestling isn't quite down for the count. it can get back in the 2020 games but has to beat out six other sports including wushu. >> there are teams all ove
to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. even china voiced their opposition and it's no secret that this is a widely condemned move. the u.n. security council will hold a closed-door meeting this morning to discuss the nuclear test. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> 4:32 now. the latest developments in north korea will likely make national security a bigger part of president obama's state of the union address tonight but domestic issues will probably be the main focus of the speech. the president is expected to call for more money for infrastructure, clean energy and manufacturing jobs. >> the president's principle preoccupation since he ran for this office in the beginning of 2007 has been what we need to do to make our economy work for the middle class. >> the official republican response will come from u.s. senator marco rubio out of florida, expected to emphasize the need for smaller government and less regulations. kpix 5 will air the president's state of the union address live tonight starting at 6 p
. good morning, ines. >> good morning, anne-marie. >>> worries about monetary tightening by china sent stocks down. tokyo's nikkei lost more than 1%. hong kong's hang seng fell nearly 2%. a bad day on wall street. the federal reserve said wednesday it might scale back its bond-buying program, and that sent stocks tumbling. the dow plummeted 108 points, its biggest loss of the year. the nasdaq sank 49. >>> boeing may have a plan to get their grounded dreamliner fleet back in the air. a company exec will meet with federal regulators tomorrow and present a plan to prevent the lithium ion batteries in the 787 from failing. if that happens they could be flying by april. the s.e.c. and fbi are looking into possible insider trading around the sale of heinz ketchup. the day before they bought it, an investor bought 350 stock options. the s.e.c. said they used a swiss-based account with goldman sachs. in one-day that $90,000 investment soared to $1.8 billion. >>> "the new york times" is finally getting around to selling the "boston globe." the company made the announceme
every day. mandia founder kevin mandia says more than 90% of the attacks he sees come from china and are nearly impossible to stop. >> we've gone from a "we must prevent every attack from occurring" to more the mindset are, "these attacks are inevitable but let's make sure we keep the attackers from our crown jewels." >> reporter: you're saying we shouldn't spend all that much time trying to prevent everything because it can't be done. >> right now, you can't do it. >> reporter: mandia says cyber defenses can be improved if companies share more information about the break-ins. >> everybody needs to get smarter from each breach, almost like a neighborhood watch. >> reporter: but companies want some legal protections before sharing information. they're worried revealing details of attacks could weaken them with competitors and expose them to investor lawsuits. cyber spies have already stolen hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate secrets, everything from plans for military hardware to paint formulas. but mandia warns hackers could do even greater damage. some people have sugg
china had left the bag. he drove to vallejo to leave a note to thank the couple for returning his money. very honest couple there. >> i hope he left more than a note. >> yeah. >> you know? maybe a couple of benjamins in there. >>> it is 4:52 now. bent out of shape, why parents are suing a san diego school over its yoga program. >> looking for a few heroes. how silicon valley tech giants are teaming up to cure the world's ailments. >> and too old for facebook? why one woman is being forced to lie about her age on the social networking site. coming up. st share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? she's beautiful smart and sensible. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's extra value menu. the simple joy of having more to love. ♪ ♪ in southern california... who's some parents in southern california... who are now bending over backwards trying to get it removed. hiring first amendment >>> yoga classes in public school aren't flying in public schools in southern california trying to get it removed hiring first amendment attorney dean boyles
to come out to china town's new year parade. that's tomorrow. today, builders were busy putting the finishing touches on their elaborate float. they happen to be famous for posting one of the biggest and the best chinese new year's celebrations in the entire world. >>> coming up, the bay area tech company with hundreds of jobs up for grabs. and the secrets to getting hired. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. ♪ [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning i
of the snake is upon us. now, 1 million people expected to come out to china town's new year parade. that's tomorrow. today, builders were busy putting the finishing touches on their elaborate float. they happen to be famous for posting one of the biggest and the best chinese new year's celebrations in the entire world. >>> coming up, the bay area tech company with hundreds of jobs up for grabs. and the secrets every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. julie watts tells us: one industry has so many job openings, it >>> all this week we're finding out who is hiring in the bay area. julia watt
" to government hackers inside china. chinese deny the allegations calling them not professional and groundless but both papers say there is evidence hackers stole reporters' passwords and attempted to monitor coverage of the chinese government. newspapers are just the latest targets. sources say state-sponsored spies mostly from china every day infiltrate a broad spectrum of government and business networks inside the u.s. >> cyber, i believe, represents as big a threat to the security of this country as any one specific threat. >> reporter: at his confirmation hearing thursday secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel warned computer-based attacks could be crippling. >> it's an insidious, quiet kind of a threat that we've never quite seen before. it can par lies a nation in a second. >> reporter: for now, the damage is economic cyber spies and criminal hackers are stealing corporate secrets worth an estimated $250 billion a year from u.s. businesses. but officials worry more about potential strikes against critical infrastructure power grids, transportation systems, and
in china and macaw, but you're looking to create jobs in america. philadelphia? >> i've got developer's disease. my doctors say if i take my met indication i'm in no danger to anyone but myself. >> the challenge is making people go wow. it's such fun. it keeps me young. >> do you start with a great hotel or the casino? >> only hotel. it's not casino thicks that make people get on a plane to go to a beautiful hotel, go to a spa, shop eat in wonderful restaurants. slot machines themselves have very little -- they're a commodity. they all look alike. a blackjack table is the same everywhere in the world. >> steve, i heard you put quite a show on in philadelphia yesterday in making your presentation. at one point you callinged atlantic city the enemy. >> that's a little bit of philadelphia humor. this is my 50s anniversary with my class reunion. >> duke. >> duke is mr. rose. >> you know too much, mr. wynn. >> why is philadelphia a good choice for you? >> it's one of the great urban cities, and i have this notion of an urban win. you know in cities like new york
information. >> there's a lot of evidence that points back to china. >> reporter: kevin mandiant just issued a detailed report claiming most cyber attacks are carried out by teams inside the chinese military. is there proof that the chinese government is sponsoring these attacks? >> it would be hard to imagine in an enclosed society where they monitor internet use they don't notice thousands of attacks coming out of their architecture. >> reporter: mandiant identifies this military headquarters in shanghai as a base of cyber operations. china denies that but when cnn cameras approached the building security guards chased them away. >> drive away drive away, drive away. >> reporter: u.s. officials say cyber hackers each year are stealing $250 billion worth of u.s. trade secrets. now a white house report warned "the pace of economic espionage and trade secret theft is accelerating and jeopardizing our status as the world's leader for innovation and creativity." in response the obama administration is promising to pursue increased diplomatic pressure and tougher every f
of the year. >>> overnight asian markets were mostly higher, despite manufacturing data from china. and hong kong lost a fraction. >>> despite a strong start to 2013 on wall street yesterday, stocks fell, the dow closed down 49 points while the nasdaq was off a fraction. stock futures are pointing toward a higher open. >>> and the justice department filed a lawsuit challenging the planned merger of the makers of budweiser and korona they say it would hurt competition in the market and would result in higher beer prices. can't have that. >> that's just not american. no way. >> it is. >> i know you're a blackberry gal, we talked about that yesterday and there may be a good thing because iphones are great, i have one, but the bills are huge, biller than all the other phones. >> oh, yeah, iphone users pay the highest monthly bills. 60% of iphone users polled said they pay more than a hundred dollars a month. 50 percent of android users fell into the same category. the reason is most likely due to carriage fees, overuse is most likely not the cause.
an orchestrated campaign against him with billboards and threatening e-mails. >> go back to china. we love america. >> reporter: senator yee wrote his bill after he watched a kpix 5 report showing how the bullet button allows the quick replacement of a clip on an ar- 15 type rifle even though under california law detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal. he says the earlier threats were also taken seriously but none as specific and scary as this one. >> not only for myself but for my staff and for my family because you don't know where it's going to come from and who knows who is standing next to you who may stand accidentally in front of you and take the bullet so it's frightening. >> reporter: as for his gun control bill, it has gained moment in the aftermath of the abrejct movie of the aurora shooting and newtown. >> i think what's sad is how so many individuals think they can solve problems by just simply killing individuals that you would think that that kind of mentality doesn't happen anymore in a civilized society like our
effects in the international community. even china is voicing opposition. the u.n. security council will hold a closed-door meeting to discuss the nuclear test. this test took place last night just before 9 p.m. eastern time. the u.s. geological survey said the blast had a magnitude of 4.7. a nuclear monitoring agent says the blast monday was twice as big as the last nuclear device the country tested in 2009. this morning we're learning that north korea says these tests were only a first response to so-called u.s. threats. north korean leaders are calling it self-defense and the nation warns of second and third measures if the u.s. maintains hostilities. the test has heightened tension in the region especially in japan and south korea. u.s. ambassador to japan met with japan's prime minister to reaffirm american support. >> the united states stand fast to the allies in the region. >> reporter: the president issued a statement this morning calling the tests provocative and says it threatens u.s. security and international peace. in his statement h
increased their patrols in the area. >>> and you've probably heard of a bull in a china shop, but how about a horse in a bike shop. it happened near los angeles, the horse got a little spooked and ran away from its train rer and right into a -- trainer and right into a bike shop. about 45 bikes were damaged and the horse suffered minor cuts but no one else or anything else was injured. >> look at all the damage there. >>> 5:20, ladies, danica patrick making nascar history. >> and going for number 3, the east takes on the west in the nba all star game. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the
highly prized by thorn investors >> i got a phone call from someone in china interested in the property. all cash. >> how can a person just looking for a place here compete with that? >> they can't. >> this lady is helping a client sell this two bedroom town home. it ended up with nine offers and sold for higher than the asking price. they only listed it for seven days and it turns out that wasn't even necessary. >> i could have sold it the first day because i had someone who wanted to write on it. >> you could have sold it in one day? >> in one day. >> banks loan money on a property's appraised value, but the appraisals can't keep up with the prices. a condo listed for hundred thousand dollars in december could sell for $400,000 toddle all this has created a nightmare for first time hombres and people looking for a down sized house. >> it is crazy. it is off the charts crazy. i feel bad for them. they have a hard time getting in the market because there are so many offers on one property. >> for those currently looking, she has a
of asia. today there is a festival going on in china town for anybody heading out there. sound like a lot of sunshine. >>> beautiful day today that. plenty of sun. the numbers will be in the low 60s and by california standards, that my friend is chilly. right now it's 50 degrees. around the coast, at least in the next hour or so, as you head out the door, take a bike ride or do a bit of a run, looks pretty good. temperatures will be in the upper 40s by 9:30 this morning. few now 41 to start off sunday morning. concord, blue and 52 at oakland. san francisco at the airport, 51. santa rosa 40 degrees. here's what we expect, severely clear skies. slightly warmer temperatures, and it's going to stay dry right through the first week of march. no big changes as the flow over the pacific begins to split and high pressure builds in over the pacific, so the fungus drives, and sunny and warmer. and the numbers looks pretty good heading out of the bay area, look for sunshine all the way from eureka to redding to mendocino. and frequency no after a little b
of force.fo north korea's test demonstrates ificant a significant split from its main patron china. recently beijing warned leader ns kim jong-un against any weapons tests. >> they've said publicly there rea. would be real consequences for north korea. what those consequences are we have have to see but i suspect it's going to be more than an angry of letter. >> reporter: china is one of the few countries supporting north could respond korea's fragile economy and b could respond by cutting ncial financial aid. this latest test may provide eviden evidence of the strength of h north korea's nuclear arsenal. >> if this is a uranium is enrichment test, that means that uranium they have kind of lapped the and we will no iranians on this and we will not have a good handle on how much of this material they have. >> u.s. officials say there are indications that north korea may conduct a second test this time of a missile. this morning pyongyang warned it will follow up tuesday's test with stronger actions unless the u.s. ends its hostilities towards the regime. this comes as h
-taking this morning despite strong trade data from china. tokyo's nikkei dropped nearly 2% snapping a 12-week winning streak while hong kong's hang seng gained .25%. >>> weaker corporate earnings and renewed concerns about europe's troubled economy pushed wall street stocks lower. the dow fell 42 points on thursday while the nasdaq dropped 3 points. >>> linkedin's earnings and revenue are still on a hot streak. the professional networking services every service's fourth quarter earnings beat expectations. linkedin's stock price tripled from its initial public offering price of $45 back in 2011. >>> and green light capital a major investor in apple is suing the computermaker for stockpiling cash. apple has about $137 billion in cash. green light wants the money to be begin to shareholders. apple's stock has loves 35% of its value since september due to slow gross. apple's stock has lost 35% of its value since september due to slow growth. >> still not bad. >>> valentine's day is next week and i guess americans are getting stingy. >> reporter: yeah. i do
is new year's day in china. fireworks lit up the sky in beijing overnight and singer celine dion performed to mark the start of the year of the snake. now today's weather. sunny and milder along the east and west coasts. but it will be a stormy day for most of the country. in the week to come those storms will bring rain and possibly more snow as they move across the nation. keep those shovels handy. next the fight over drones. ♪ i'm a good man with a good heart ♪ >> osgood: later >> osgood: it looks big to me, but not all drones are as small as this one. the debate over the use of drones isn't small either particularly after the events of this past week. later we'll be hearing from correspondent david martin. but to begin our sunday morning cover story is reported by martha teichner. >> reporter: their names: predator reaper, imply their deadly intent. they are what we've come to understand drones to be. unmanned killing machines armed with hell fire missiles controlled from thousands of miles away as they stall being and then destroy supposed terrorist targets in places lik
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